10 Vintage Dennison Embossed ENCLOSURE Seals / Stickers (Gummed)
10 Vintage Dennison Gummed Enclosure Seals

10 Vintage Dennison Embossed ENCLOSURE Seals / Stickers (Gummed)

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Here we have some very special gummed seals - ENCLOSURE - These are stickers for adding to an envelope with a missive with an additional enclosure (such as a cheque).

The hexagon shaped red seals feature EMBOSSED in white - ENCLOSURE the seal border. The model, according to the box, is No.4.

Dennison labels and other products are quite collectible. We have rarely seen these.

These are not self-stick. They are gummed seals and need liquid to activate the adhesive. Due to their age, we suggest you test the gummed seals before wetting them - or, to be safe, use an additional adhesive of your own. We use a damp sponge to moisten our vintage stickers, do not lick them.

From an old stationery store - very old stationery / bookstore and were very necessary way back when. There was a time when envelopes that were unsealed were less expensive to mail than those envelopes that were sealed. Imagine that! The store closed before WWII. We believe these seals to be much older.

Box not included. Box for illustration only.

  • Diameter: 1/2 inch

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