1923 Vintage Tin Sewing Box for Little Tots
1923 Vintage Tin Sewing Box for Little Tots

1923 Vintage Tin Sewing Box for Little Tots

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This sweet tin was originally a little sewing box for a youngster in the 1920s. Both my Mom and my Aunt Betty had one of these. This one was my Mom's.

The box no longer contains the sewing supplies, but it's a great way to create a little sewing kit for a youngster (or oldster) who might need just the basics. Add some thread, needles, scissors, etc.

I found an old wooden embroidery hoop inside, so you'll get that, too. But, I'm pretty sure that it isn't as old as the tin.

The box features a little girl sewing a scarf or table cloth and reads:

Sewing Box for Little Tots

Under that it reads:

Bonny lass, pretty lass,
Will though be mine?
Thou should not wash dishes
Nor yet serve the swine.
Thou shalt sit on a cushion
And sew a fine seam
And then shalt eat strawberries,
Sugar and cream.

Beneath the girl's feet, it reads:
Copyright 1923
Baumgarten & Co. Inc.
Baltimore, U.S.A.

The bottom is impressed with:

We do not clean antiques and vintage items so as to not ruin the value of them. If you choose to clean this further,  please be careful so that you don't ruin the lovely graphic on top.

The original owner, Gladys Ann Balmer, scratched her name on the bottom box. It seems that she wanted to keep hers away from her sister!

The tin is 7-1/8 inches in diameter and 1-3/4 inch tall when closed.

We have seen these in perfect condition (without contents) sell upwards of $60.00.

This one has been well loved and used but is still quite quaint and certainly usable for its intended purpose or for display.

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