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2 Birch Bark Pieces

2 Birch Bark Pieces

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Made in Phillipines


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Birch bark is a natural phenomenon like no other! One side is the grayish white of the outside bark, the other is the striated brown of vintage canoes. Used in traditional Native American and camp crafts, there is no substitution for birch! This set of two matched 4-inch by 6-inch pieces (each about 1/8-inch thick) would make a fantastic cover for your hand made nature journal.

Or, consider this as a base for a special art project. You can easily cut the pieces with a craft knife or scissors. It will probably make the blade a bit dull, so be careful of your favorite cutters!

The outside bark is expected to peal - that is the beauty of the wood. The wood slabs may be warped when you receive them. This is due to the natural aging of the wood. To flatten, steam them until they are flexible and then weight something heavy on top of them. Be careful, though, your weight may dampen due to the steam, so use something that is not precious to you.

These pieces are made from natural materials, so please allow for such variation. The photo is a sample set of 2 pieces.

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