262 Mini Santa Heads Reproduction Victorian Scrap Sheet
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262 Mini Santa Heads Reproduction Victorian Scrap Sheet

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With 262 tiny Santa and St Nicholas faces on a sheet, you'll be able to complete an endless number of projects. The detail is amazing! We enlarged a portion so you can see them a bit better, but all Santas are just about the same size.

This limited edition sheet is embossed lightly and expertly cut. You might choose to accent the images with glitter - glitter glue or a glitter pen might be the easiest to use because of the small size. Each Santa measures from 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch high by about 3/8 inch wide!

These scraps have been reproduced from the originals that were made by the L&B paper company.

Just imagine the possibilities - you can circle an entire Christmas Ball or cone ornament with a row of the Little Santas. Add a bit of krausbouillion for sparkle and you'll even think they're vintage. Or, make some Victorian dollhouse decorations!

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