3 Yards Anti-Tarnish Silver Cloth Fabric
3 Yards Anti-Tarnish Silver Cloth Fabric

3 Yards Anti-Tarnish Silver Cloth Fabric

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This fantastic fabric protects your precious metals - gold, silver and other tarnishable jewelry or other treasures. It is 3 yards long by 58 inches wide.

It is made of  heavy weight double-napped 100% cotton flannel. The fabric has been treated with a proprietary process which leaves the fabric Kenzied.™ ** Both sides of the material can be used to protect special items. This protective fabric will not polish your silver: it is for storing items only.

You might also consider lining the area where you store your sterling silver pieces or silverware.

You'll receive 1 piece of fabric measuring 3 yards by 58 inches. The photos will show that it is not completely flat. It is new stock, never used - protected in the proper manner.

DO NOT WASH OR DRY CLEAN. It will affect the fabric will no longer protect your items. Store in a clean dry space. Water and other moisture will remove it's properties.

** Kenzied™ is the result of the chemical process and the treated cloth. This is standard for the industry.

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