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3/4 Ounce Package of Frankincense Tears Resin Incense

3/4 Ounce Package of Frankincense Tears Resin Incense

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Frankincense incense has been used for over 5,000 years. Although it is available in other forms, tears (or small lumps) of resin make up the most common for rituals and for refreshing. Many religions use frankincense as a consecrated incense for rituals and services.

Because it is not self-lighting, you'll need to burn it with self-lighting charcoal made especially for burning resin and powder incense, such as Three Kings Charcoal. Once placed on burning charcoal, it makes an aromatic, mystical smoke. Some people grind the resin tears before burning, and others prefer to use the resin tears whole.

Famous for being a gift presented by the Magi to Jesus, frankincense is often mixed with myrrh for a traditional sacred scent.

Mothers-to-be and nursing mothers should never use frankincense in any form.

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