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36-inch Shabby Chic Black Ball Chain 5mm (Size 13)

36-inch Shabby Chic Black Ball Chain 5mm (Size 13)

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Ball chain is so very popular for jewelry and for collage an assemblage and altered art. This shabby chain is made of aluminum and black anodized. But, the anodized coating didn't work out too well for one reason or another. That's the beauty of this 5mm ball chain - it's shabby chic!

It measures a full 36 inches and closes with the standard style ball chain clasp. Each of the balls is 5mm, making this Size 13 chain.

If you'd like to make this into two chains, you can do that with the size 13, 5mm black anodized connector.

If you choose to incorporate this in your jewelry, please be sure to coat it with something, or the black coating may slough off. We haven't found it to get on our clothes, but it is always better to be safe than sorry, now isn't it?

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