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5 Golden Coat Chains
5 Golden Coat Chains

5 Golden Coat Chains

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* Made in USA

My favorite Easter coat was blue, cream and pale yellow plaid. I remember feeling so pretty in it - I wish I had one just like it today so very many years later.

Inside that coat was a chain just like this. The flat round loops were sewn by hand into the back of the coat on (or near the label) so that I could hang the coat on the chain when an appropriate coat hanger was not available. Fur coats were often fitted with these as well.

We were really excited to find that these are still made - and in the USA, no less!

Each chain measures 4 inches (including the flat loops) long. The chain itself is 1/4 inch wide. It is quite sturdy, of course, so that can hold a coat nicely.

Of course, you might imagine all kinds of other uses for this nifty little chain. That's why they come in packages of five.

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