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6 Comical Flash Bulletins in the Original Envelope from the 1950s (Some Risqué)

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* Made in Japan
* Vintage Item, Limited Availability
A moment of your time, please. Some of the "bulletins" included within this item are risqué. While we do not condone the cultural attitudes of the past that led to the creation of these risqué quips, they are a part of our shared history. Thank you! We now return you to your regularly scheduled item description.

What a find! The tongue-in-cheek humor written into each bulletin is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Within each envelope you will find 6 flash bulletins. They may or may not be the same ones shown in our pictures. We have not opened every envelope to ensure that you are purchasing a new old-stock item. So please, let us choose one for you.

We were surprised by the size of each of the bulletins when we opened one for our pictures. The bulletins were folded like a book to fit into the small envelope.

The envelope measures 2-13/16 inches tall by 4-15/16. The bulletins measure 4-1/4 inches tall by 3-7/16 inches wide.

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