6-Inch Strip ofVintage Capacitors
6-Inch Strip ofVintage Capacitors

6-Inch Strip ofVintage Capacitors

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* Unknown Origin

These capacitors are the greatest for assemblage or steampunk jewelry.

The reinforced paper edges are removable, or you can just cut the wires away with wire cutters or an old pair of scissors. Better yet, line them up just as is for a distinctive addition to a special assemblage or collage.

These were originally intended to manipulate power in electrical devices. We do not recommend that you use them for electrical energy storage as these are vintage and untested.

Each strip has been cut to 6-inches long, which will include somewhere between 28 and 31 individual lines. The little butterscotch bump in the middle is the actual capacitor. It measures 5mm long by 2mm wide. The rest of the 2-1/2 inches is wire.

There's lots of potential here for some pretty unusual art! (How about using it as a fence or prison bars?)

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