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7 AFRICAN POWERS (Siete Potentias) Holy Card - Package of 5

7 AFRICAN POWERS (Siete Potentias) Holy Card - Package of 5

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This special holy card represents crucifixion of Jesus, surrounded by images of the Las Siete Potencias, alternatively known as the Seven African Powers.

The 7 Powers are among many attributed African derived religions, mainly spread by the movement of African peoples throughout the world, particularly into the Americas.

The Seven African Powers (Siete Potencias are from a larger group of spiritual beings. The ones included on this prayer card are:
    • Obatala - the father/mother of humanity, of Peace represented by Our Lady of Mercy/Our Lady of Mt Carmel
    • Yemalla - the spirit of motherhood, the ocean, the moon - represented by Our Lady of Regla/Mary the Star of the Sea
    • Ochun - the lady of love, beauty, the spirit of fresh water - represented by Our Lady of Caridad del Cobre (Our Mother of Charity)
    • Chango - the spirit of thunder - represented by St Barbara/St Jerome
    • Orula - the teacher, the prophet - represented by St John the Evangelist taking Jesus down from the Cross
    • Ogoun - Lord of metals, minerals, tools, war, birds, wild animals - represented by St John the Baptist/St Anthony of Padua/Saint George, St Simon Peter (San Pedro)
    • Elegua - messenger, opener of the way, trickster - represented by San Martin Caballero/St Anthony of Padua, El Niño de Atocha, St Expedite (Expedito), St Michael the Archangel
At the center of the the circle is Olofi, the crucifixion of Jesus. There is a rooster on a pedestal and many addition symbols that you may interpret in many ways of your own.

The back of the prayer card features a Prayer to the 7 African Powers:

      Oh, Seven Powers that are the Saint among
      Saints, I humbly kneel before your miraculous picture
      to ask your intercession before God, loving Father that
      protects all creation, living and dead, and I ask in the
      name of the most sacred and sweet name of Jesus,
      that you accede to my plea and return to me spiritual
      peace and material success, receding from my house
      and removing from my path the dangers that are the
      cause of my evils without ever being able to torment
      me again. My heart tells me that my wish is just and if
      you accede to it, you will add more glory to the
      blessed name of our God for years and years, from
      whom we have received his Promise. Amen

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