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8-inch Mystic Red Dungeon Ball Chain Bracelet

8-inch Mystic Red Dungeon Ball Chain Bracelet

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Made in USA


Wow! SilverCrow originally bought these chains for attaching one cool item to another in a unique fashion. But, now we're all wearing them as bracelets. The specialty finish is a matte brushed mystic rose evocative of medieval dungeon chains. Just as funky with jeans as it is elegant with evening wear, these ball chain bracelets are especially wonderful when worn in multiples!

The bracelet measures 8 inches in circumference, but can easily be adjusted downward by using wire cutters.

The chain size is larger than every-day ball chains - about 1/4 inches or 6.3mm in diameter. And, of course, what better clasp - a matching ball chain coupling. So you can easily combine several to make a stunning necklace!

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