9 Yards of .8mm Clear Stretch Cord
9 Yards of .8mm Clear Stretch Cord

9 Yards of .8mm Clear Stretch Cord

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* Made in Taiwan
Using clear cording like this on your jewelry or art project will give the illusion that there is nothing holding your beads (or whatever) between stations. It virtually disappears. The elasticity allows you to make a smaller necklace or bracelet (again, or whatever) a bit smaller than usual and then stretch it to wear it. We even like it for finger or toe rings.

This cord knots easily, so you might knot on either side of your bead for a special look. The back of the package offers pictorial directions to knot the cord in a square knot or a surgeon's knot.

The 27-foot spool holds .8 mm (a touch over .03 inch) clear stretch cord.

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