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About 5 Yards of Vintage Real Metal Lahnband Ribbon on Cardboard Floss Bobbin
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About 5 Yards of Vintage Real Metal Lahnband Ribbon on Cardboard Floss Bobbin

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Gold/Gold - Shorter Spool


Made in Germany


Vintage Item, Limited Availability
Today's metallic ribbons are produced to give that sheen that makes it look so special. This ribbon however is made of real metal. No trickery needed to give that special shine, it does it on its own. 

We found these wound bobbins of Lahnband metal ribbon upon these bobbins years ago and thought that we had sold them all. To our surprise recently, we uncovered a trove of them. The old labels on the display box indicate that each bobbin measures almost 5 yards. Each of these was wound on the original bobbin very long ago.

The Gold with Gold Center spool was not packaged properly, but is in the same condition as all of the other spools. We're guessing that it is the same length, but, if you choose it, we wouldn't want to disappoint you if we were wrong. Of course, it is priced lower than the other colors.

This stunning 5 mm wide ribbon is available in 5 color styles:
  • Gold with a Blue center
  • Gold with a Red center
  • Silver with a Red center
  • Silver with a Silver center
  • Gold with a Gold Center - 2nd Quality - Slightly Shorter Spool (Not Shown)
We suspect that this ribbon was produced sometime between the early 20th century, but it is hard to know for sure. What we do know is that it is nearly impossible to find.

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