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Abraham Lincoln Sticker Paper Doll
Abraham Lincoln Sticker Paper Doll

Abraham Lincoln Sticker Paper Doll

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Experience the life of a great American hero with this little booklet, featuring the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. Dress him in a variety of costumes, each from a different period of his life. Including a woodcutter's outfit from his boyhood when he helped his father build the family home, the apron and slacks he wore during his first job as town postmaster, the suit and tie he'd sport later in life as a lawyer and during his run for the presidency, and the tuxedo and stove-pipe hat characteristic of his presidential reign - this book is perfect for any history lover.

Just lift off the stickers and place them on Abraham Lincoln, located on the inside back cover. The stickers can be used over and over, so be sure to put them back on the pages of the booklet to store them.

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