Advanced Straw Star Kit (#2 BLUE LABEL)
Advanced Straw Star Kit (#2 BLUE LABEL)

Advanced Straw Star Kit (#2 BLUE LABEL)

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* Made in Germany

Make your own German Straw Stars (Strosterne).

This advanced star-crafters' kit will assist you in making your own complex stars to keep as family heirlooms. You will need our Beginner Kit #1 to get started.

This kit describes in detail how to create 24-point, 12-point and 8-point stars. It includes:

  • 32 page instruction book
  • the universal mold
  • a 2+3 straw splitter
  • 50 natural and 50 colorful straws
  • tying needle
  • 20 meters of red thread

Instructions are included, but some measure of experience is necessary for using this kit. Traditionally either golden or red thread has been used.

Environmentally friendly straw ornaments have been popular throughout Europe for over a century. These cannot be made by machine, so you can either buy the stars and ornaments - or, now, you can make them yourself! Made from natural straw and bound by thread (no glue), this old-world hobby is quite rewarding. We have ornaments that were on our parents' Christmas trees back in the 1920s and they are as wonderful today as they were then.

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