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Alligator Clip Assistant

Alligator Clip Assistant

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Dipping items into paints, dyes, patinas and other coloring agents is a fun but messy job. Do you wish there was a cleaner way to do this? Well, look no further, these alligator clips are just the item you are looking for. Simply attach one of these to your item and hold onto the stem. Voilà , you can now dip your item without dipping your fingers.

We have seen clips similar to this for $6.50, although we do admit, they are far more aesthetically pleasing. But why pay that much for a clip that you will be working with and more than likely ruin while dipping into various liquids. You could have a dozen of ours, for that price and still have money left over.

You can also use this clip to aid you in putting on a bracelet. Simply attach the clip to one side of the clasp and use the hand you freed up to fasten the clasp closed. 

What other ideas do you have for this clip? 

The clip (including the stem) measures 4 inches long. The clasp at the end measures about 1 inch long. 

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