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Aluminum Measuring Tape Timer - Second Quality

Aluminum Measuring Tape Timer - Second Quality

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Unknown Origin, Probably Made in USA


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This clever timer is second quality - it's packaging was damaged and may need some minor cleaning. The timing mechanism is in great shape and the look is just fine, but will require some soft cleaning with mild soap.

We love this timer - not just for its whimsical (and award-winning) design, but because it is both visual and audible. How often we've know that the timer was about to ring - but is it in 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20? After getting up to check over and over again, we were delighted to find this great Tape Timer. Now we can just look up and tell, at least relatively, how much time is left!

It tracks both minutes and seconds. To start it, simply pull up on the ring, adjust to the desired time and the tape automatically retracts as the seconds tick by. A loud ring indicates that time is up. It's made of aluminum and plastic and doesn't require batteries.

The designer's name is on the flat bottom: Jozeph Forakis.

The photo is of a first quality timer.

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