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Answers to Your Questions Old-Timey Punch Game
Answers to Your Questions Old-Timey Punch Game

Answers to Your Questions Old-Timey Punch Game

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The Answers to Your Questions oracle is a punch card game inspired by similar ones from the 1920s! The instructions are right on the front:

the game that answers your questions. simply
ask a question and using the game pin (found in
the sealed slot on the reverse side) push through
one of the spots below to receive your answer...

Each cardboard tile unveils 50 answers - each rolled individually. A game punch, which is hidden in a sealed slot on the back side, is used to push your rolled answer through the board into the palm of your hand! You can even save your fortunes to use in your next collage!

This truly special game is perfect for parties and for any other occasion which requires a bit of special conversation starting!

Punch boards, punch cards, punch boxes have been around for nearly 100 years. They are essentially a cardboard brick or tile approximately 1/2 inch thick and 4 inches high by 3 inches. They have a set of fifty holes and, like a honeycomb, each hole is filled with something sweet. Here we have in each hole a paper scroll sealed inside. The scroll is pushed out from the front side and out the back using a rigid game pin (about the diameter of a wooden match).

This punch board is much like the Magic Eight Ball, but, better yet - you get to keep your fortune!

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