Antique Persian Sterling Silver & Stone Bracelet
Antique Persian Sterling Silver & Stone Bracelet

Antique Persian Sterling Silver & Stone Bracelet

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I originally bought this bracelet from a coworker in 1989. His wife was from Iran and this was a family piece of jewelry that she was selling because they needed money. I bought this for my Mother.

The entire piece is original save the safety chain which he added and which my Mother removed. I put it back on because that's the way I bought it. I think it looks much better removed and I hid it in the pictures.

The piece is made of 5 stations, each featuring a unique motif. One is a slipper, another a purse, another a ewer or pitcher, a basket and the last is a drum of sorts. Each has the original moonstone, turquoise and coral stones.

This is not hallmarked, but I was told that it was, indeed, sterling, and may well be older as I do not remember how old the gentleman told me it was. But I do remember it was very old. He was an honest man with whom I worked for many years, so I'm assuming the description to be true. He and his wife were trying to bring more of her family to the United States back in the late 1980s and early 1990s and were selling as much as they could to fund the trip. They even took out a second mortgage on their home.

The bracelet measures 7 inches by 1-1/4 inch and opens and closes with a slide. It has not been polished in a long time. We do not clean anything vintage or antique so as not to ruin the value of it.

There is a tiny bit of filigree missing from the basket motif, but it does not detract from the piece at all.

Jewelry like this is no longer produced today as it was banned during the Islamic revolution.

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