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Antiqued Bronze Deer or Stag Skull Connector Pendant

Antiqued Bronze Deer or Stag Skull Connector Pendant

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What a deer or stag skull necklace this pendant will make. Whether the necklace is for Hallowe'en or Day of the Dead or just because, the skull of this antlered animal is elegant looking in antiqued bronze.

Of course, it could just as easily be a deer head pendant. In which case, just think of the Christmas necklace it could become! No matter which of Santa's reindeer you choose to make this, you will be ready for the next Christmas party. We actually think it would be absolutely adorable if you were to add a shiny red bead from the nose of the deer to make this into a Rudolph pendant.

This connector pendant measures 1-1/2 inch high by 2-14 inches wide. It comes with two loops nicely placed inside on the top of the head within the antlers, so as not to detract from their beauty.

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