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Antiqued Bronze Old Fashioned Moving Keys Charm

Antiqued Bronze Old Fashioned Moving Keys Charm

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This charm takes us back to the horror movies of old. Especially Dr Frankenstein, as he would search through his ring of keys for the correct one to unlock the door to hid hidden laboratory.

Of course, this charm might invoke memories of Alice in Wonderland for you. As she speaks to the doorknob, while trying to continue her chase of the perpetually late White Rabbit.

Still, others may feel that this charm could represent the key to their or their loved ones heart. Of course, you may have a different key related image in mind when looking at it. Whatever it makes you think of or feel, you are certain to love this charm.

This lovely charm features a ring of three (3) keys, that are able to move freely about the ring. On the top of the ring, a hanging loop is ready to connect to your necklace, earrings or even your key chain.

The charm measures about 1 inch from the top of the hanging loop to the bottom of the keys when hanging. The ring of keys measures about 1/2 inch in diameter.

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