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Art Postcard - 3d Lenticular - Claude Monet's The Poppy Field

Art Postcard - 3d Lenticular - Claude Monet's The Poppy Field

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Made in Germany

Claude Monet's The Poppy Field, an oil on canvas, was painted in a field near Argenteuil, France in 1873. The original measures 19-5/8 by 25-5/8 inches and is shown today in the Musée d'Orsay in Paris.

So evident in this painting as well as in all his others, Monet's passion for colors, both in nuance and in broad accentuation, defines his special Impressionistic style. In the foreground amongst the dabs of red poppies strewn across the field, Monet sketches in the figures of Camille and Jean (his wife and son) with simple strokes of violet, black, and white that hint at their. Their figures appear again at the top of the hills in the distance, more a suggestion of color than an accurate record of their appearance.

Although the transformation from one image to the next is hard to notice online, we're sure you'll be as awed by the images in person.

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