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Art Postcard - Elephants Outside my Window

Art Postcard - Elephants Outside my Window

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As if the intriguing image presented of a parent and child elephant on the outside and a miniature pachyderm on the inside is not wonderful enough, the hand-written caption below, reads:

"Elephants outside my window" observed my brother Michael (all eyes and ears)...and upon awakening the folks
to relay the news, he was firmly informed that such could not be the case in Caldwell, New Jersey.
Later that day it was learned...the circus had arrived in the wee morning and unloaded down the street.

What more could anyone want to know? Use this special card for special missives, or for those ordinary ones that need a dream to be attached. He, with his elephant toy, attracting an elephant and her calf.

Ah, this was of course back when we thought all circus animals were treated well - as we pray this mother and child were.

This photograph by Paula Sussman, taken in 1983, reminds me of the days gone by in the 1950s and 1960s that my Father and I went down to the railroad tracks and watched the circus come to town - so early in the morning. The animal advocate he was, Daddy would never have let me witness any being being mistreated. The ringleader, clowns, acrobats, tightrope walkers and more were on the same train!

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