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Art Postcard - I Will, I Won't by Stella Marrs

Art Postcard - I Will, I Won't by Stella Marrs

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Fun for a bride or groom today and probably commandments for the 1950s or 1960s, each column features 9 things that the bride and groom promise each other. Maybe these could replace their vows?

I will I wont

says the bride...

says the groom...
*Freshen my face and brush my hair first thing in the morning. *Come to the breakfast table without shaving.
*Wear neat shoes, even for housework; no run-down heels, or sloppy sports shoes. An no stockings with runs! *Criticize Nancy's cooking, especially when I know she is trying to please me with something new.
*Do my face creaming and hair curling when Mike isn't around. *Leave the bathroom in disorder: wet towels on the floor,  faucets dripping and the toothpaste cap rolling around.
*Have my own razor, instead of using my husband's. *Expect my wife to pick up my clothes and tidy up after me.
Keep plenty of clean towels and soap in the bathroom. *Bring home guests to dinner without telephoning first.
*Have the morning coffee made promptly so as not to slow down Mike's day. *Compare her housekeeping or cooking with that of anyone else.
*Keep the icebox well stocked so he can have a before bed snack if he has to stay out on late calls. *Keep her worried and guessing when I am delayed, instead of notifying her.
*Never neglect housework for bridge, or feed him "bridge leftovers." *Track mud in the house, or spill ashes around instead of using ashtrays.
*Look as pretty as possible when he comes home! *Laugh at her, instead of with her, when she makes a mistake!

Now, maybe the points should switch columns. What do you think?

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