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Art Postcard - Moral Stories

Art Postcard - Moral Stories

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Printed in The Netherlands

From a traditional Indian Educational chart, this cool postcard features 4 short moral stories, similar to fables, that help illustrate a good way to live. Such posters are used throughout India to inform, advise and instruct on how to be an ideal citizen in an ideal world. Wouldn't it be lovely if these were to be issued, observed and followed worldwide?

The stories read:

  1. Slow, & Steady wins the race. (The Tortoise & the Hare)

  2. Grapes are Sour" Do'nt Try to do anything which is beyond your reach. (The Fox & Grapes)

  3. As you sow, so shall you reap.

  4. Don't give way to flattery.

The spelling and punctuation errors are part of the poster.

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