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Art Postcard - The Basic Twist - Forward and Back

Art Postcard - The Basic Twist - Forward and Back

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Just in case you know some folks who have never twisted, you might just want to introduce them to some old Chubby Checker tunes and send along this card. In fact, why not have a twisting party and use these cards to invite your friends?

Along with a great drawing and some illustrations of foot movements, there are detailed instructions:

The Basic Twist - Forward and Back


Start with the left foot in front of

the right foot. When first dancing the

twist, keep the weight evenly distrib-

uted over both feet. As you start

twisting the hips, do not step with the

feet. Leave them apart as described.

  1. Twist your hips to the right, making
    a semicircular movement.

  2. Twist your hips to the left, making
    a semicircular movement.

  3. Repeat step 1.

  4. Repeat step 2.

As you do the basic twist movement,

you will automatically feel a slight
flexing of first one knee, then the other
knee as you make the semicircular movement.

Now doesn't that just sound like lots of fun?

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