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Art Postcard - Wiehern (Snicker) - 3 Zebras

Art Postcard - Wiehern (Snicker) - 3 Zebras

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Made in Germany

Literally the title of this enchanting postcard is Whinny, but the photographers chose to translate it as Snicker. How much better that translation is! These zebras are certainly happy!

Two artists, Ernst Volland and Heinz Krimmer, formed Voller Ernst with the aim of building the largest collection of quirky and funny photos. And, this is certainly one of those fantastic images as a postcard.

Zebras have the perplexing nature of appearing as a horse and being manifestly not a horse all at once. Their distinctive stripes are their camouflage against predators. Because of their stripes, the animals that hunt them have a difficult time distinguishing one zebra from the next.

But with in the herd, the stripes prove just the opposite - the stripe patterns are unique to each zebra - allowing their the other herd members to easily identify each other.

Because of these characteristics, zebras represent the ability to maintain individuality in groups and the ability of groups to support individuals. The duality of the stripes represents the integration of the opposites. Opposites are taught to children, and remembered by adults, to achieve deeper meaning of each side. Good is better understood when considered with evil.

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