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Artisan Made Hand Carved Dog

Artisan Made Hand Carved Dog

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Handmade in Mexico


Limited Availability, Discontinued by Artist

This magical little perro is hand-carved of wood and then expertly painted in Mexico by traditional Oaxacan artisans. The detail is tremendous on each of our dogs. Even the little seat is painted sweetly. Each is signed by the artist as well (sometimes this is hidden in the carving, so look carefully!). The dogs each measure about 3 inches high by 2-1/2 inches wide - maybe a little more for the tails!

Because each is made by hand in Oaxaca, Mexico, your puppy will be entirely unique. Colors, painting and facial expressions differ. And each little doggie is holding a bottle! So please let us choose one for you.

Sometimes the tail is wrapped separately (the little fellow holds it between his arms), so that they don't break. It should be relatively easy to place the tail properly. So, please unwrap your dog with care.

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