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March 23, 2020

Artisan Super High Quality SOLID BRONZE Fleur-de-Lis CROSS Pendant with Blue Enamel Inlay

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* Made in France
Originally associated with Jesus and later with Mary, the fleur-de-lis represents purity as well as the Holy Trinity. It also became a symbol of France, due to its large Catholic population. The center blue flower represent love and purity as well.

Our alluring bronze cross is highlighted with a smaller blue enamel stylized cross. A fleur-de-lis connects to each of the four ends of the enameled cross. Such a cross is often referred to as Crux Mihi Refugium (The Cross is my Refuge.)

The cross measures 1-1/8 inch high including the loop by 3/4 inch wide. It was designed and created in an artisanal workshop in France.

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