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Artistamps/Faux Postes - Château de Versailles - Sacré de Napoléon 1er

Artistamps/Faux Postes - Château de Versailles - Sacré de Napoléon 1er

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Made in France

This famed tableau painting (1808) by Jacques-Louis David (the official painter of Napoléon the First) represents one of the ceremonies of Napoléon the First's crowning. Imposing in its huge dimensions, it is rivaled only by the original ceremonies and celebrations which it portrays.

This set of six artistamps represents different portions of the famous work, artfully extracted from the original with permission.

These faux postage stamps are beyond compare. Usually only sold in the world's best museums, SilverCrow is delighted to offer this special set of artistamps.

Presented in 5 by 6 inches sheets of 6 stamps each, with water-activated adhesive in the fashion of traditional postage. Each Artistamp is approximately 1-9/16 by 2 inches. This uniquely made set of stamps features some images that float over more than one stamp and even over the edges!

Please remember that these are gummed (not self-stick!) faux postes and not to be used to replace the true postage necessary for mailing!

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