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Artistamps/Faux Postes - Hopper

Artistamps/Faux Postes - Hopper

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Imprimée en France

Edward Hopper is perhaps the most recognized of American realist painters of the 20th century. He is famous for his glimpse into everyday small-town American life. Six of his works are reproduced faithfully as artistamps:

  • Light at Two Lights - 1927
  • Early Sunday Morning - 1930
  • Second Story Sunlight - 1960
  • Seven A.M. - 1948
  • Railroad Sunset - 1929
  • Soir Bleu (Blue Night) - 1914

Presented in 5 by 6 inches sheets of 6 stamps each, with water-activated adhesive in the fashion of traditional postage. Each Artistamp is approximately 1-9/16 by 2 inches.

Please remember that these are faux postes and not to be used to replace the true postage necessary for mailing!

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