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Artistamps/Faux Postes - Le Louvre - Les Enfants

Artistamps/Faux Postes - Le Louvre - Les Enfants

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Made in France
Such superb printing and such elegant subjects as paintings of children from the Louvre Museum in Paris are on this set of SilverCrow's Artists' Artistamps.
Usually only sold in the world's best museums, SilverCrow is proud to offer you our artistamps.

The artworks included are:
  • Le Nain - Louis ou Antoine
  • Gabrielle Arnault - Louis-Leopold Boilli
  • Suzanne, Duchess of Bourbon - Jean Hey, dit Le Maitre de Moulines
  • Innocence, Portrait de Nancy Graham - Sir Henry Raeburn
  • L'infante Marie-Marguerite - Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez
  • Saint-Joseph charpentier, détail - Georges de la Tour
Presented in 5 by 6 inches sheets of 6 stamps each, with water-activated adhesive in the fashion of traditional postage. Each artistamp is approximately 1-9/16 by 2 inches.

Please remember that these are faux postes and not to be used to replace the true postage necessary for mailing!

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