At the Gravesite Day of the Dead Diorama
At the Gravesite Day of the Dead Diorama

At the Gravesite Day of the Dead Diorama

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* Made in Mexico
* Discontinued by Artist
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We're not so sure what's going on here, but we were certainly taken with it.

Perhaps these two are honoring the dead. Performing a split on the grave is a Muerta woman dressed in yellow, and at the foot of the grave (on the left) stands a fully dressed Muerto. The grave bears a green wreath which might indicate that this is a new burial, or, indeed, that it is during the celebratory Days of the Dead. Once it's yours, you can create your own fiction or reality.

This special diorama is created almost like a shrine or nicho with an open front and top, with the two Muertos and the finely created accessories in a box, which measures about 4 inches wide, 2-1/2 inches high and about 2 inches deep. Dioramas this well made are generally much more expensive than this. So, we feel lucky to have found it.

All of our Day of the Dead figures are made by traditional artisans and are hand sculpted and painted by traditional Mexican artisans. Each is a bit different as they are all handmade!

We are no longer able to find such wonderful pieces as this, so we hope you enjoy it. Of course, when created, each was different being hand sculpted and hand painted in a hand made box. So, although the subject may be the same, the actual diorama is completely different in each of those available.

The images that you see are our final piece - WYSIWYG.

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