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Authentic British Sixpence Coin for Weddings and Good Luck

Authentic British Sixpence Coin for Weddings and Good Luck

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Made in Great Britain

Long associated with a bride's good fortune, the sixpence is a coin of the British Empire. It was introduced in 1551 to represent 6 pennies. The last of the sixpence coins was produced in 1967.

Superstition was widespread in Medieval times. Almost every part of life was controlled by evil spirits, that needed to be assuaged. Talismans and tokens, including lucky coins, were the most popular of the amulets in use. Because they especially felt the presence of the spirits during ceremonies, many of these traditions have continued today.

Traditionally a gift of silver was made from the groom to the bride, and a sixpence (then totally made of silver), came to represent this token - and was usually included as a part of the bride's dowry - now making the gift from bride to groom!

The sixpence is now a symbol of good luck for any occasion, but especially for a wedding:

Something old
Something new
Something borrowed
Something blue
And a sixpence in her shoe

Start a new tradition in your family and use the same coin for your daughter's (or daughter-in-law's) slipper as you wore in your wedding!

Our sixpence are authentic and arrive in a decorative bag for a special presentation. Most are from the reign of Elizabeth II (1953-1967, when the last was made). Some are earlier. Of course, each coin is different, so please let us choose one for you.

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