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Authentic OPA Round Fiberboard Ration Token (Randomly Selected) - Red or Blue

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OPA is the abbreviation for the USA's Office of Price Administration. During Wor…
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OPA is the abbreviation for the USA's Office of Price Administration. During World War II, many things were rationed, including bicycles, sugar, tires, rubber shoes, gasoline, coffee, cheese, typewriters and lots of other useful items that might be better used to serve the military forces.

Citizens were issued ration books with tickets or coupons to purchase the rationed items. These tokens were issued out of necessity as change when an entire ration amount was not available, or, if the patron did not need the entire ration. They were issued between 1944 and 1945 and some are rarer than others. There are both blue and red coins. Blue tokens were for processed foods and reds were for meats and fats.

The tokens are 5/8 inch in diameter and most of the ones we have are red, but some are blue. Some are rarer than others, especially the ones that were struck off-center. The coins are made of heavy duty fiberboard or Masonite, not cardboard as many believe - cardboard would not have lasted in trade. Ration coupons (made of lightweight paper) were used only once - when the consumer presented the coupon to the vendor in exchange for the rationed item. Because the tokens, or coins, were used as change, they were used in trade more often.

All of our tokens are in great condition - some a touch better than others. Most are red, but a few are blue. Please allow us to choose a token randomly for you.

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