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Awesome Wired Mini Ming Pine Garland - 14 feet<br>Hard to Find</b>

Awesome Wired Mini Ming Pine Garland - 14 feet
Hard to Find

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We love this wired garland not only because it is Christmas-y green, but because the wire is tightly wrapped in brown - so that it looks like wood. So often, the wire is the same color as the greenery, or even just bare wire.

Each garland measures 14 feet and can be cut with wire cutters or scissors (be sure to use your older scissors - you don't want to ruin your good sewing scissors, that's for sure!)

Tufts are about 1/2 inch thick and are spaced approximately 1/2 inch apart.

These are super rare - we've been searching everywhere for them. And guess where we found them? Right here - hidden away in one of our many treasure chests of wonderful surprises.

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