Bamboo Wood DIY Fan Sticks in 2 Finishes
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Bamboo Wood DIY Fan Sticks in 2 Finishes

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We've seen kits to make hand fans before, but they already had the paper attached - and it wasn't always the type of paper we wanted to use. Now you can make your own hand fan with these great sticks made of bamboo! And, you can make them out of just about anything that you can glue or sew to wood: fabric, paper, plastic, oilcloth, what have you.

This hinged set of 10 inner sticks plus the two larger outer sticks were designed for the millinery trade to mount lace for Victorian-style fashion or even for display. The outer two sticks feature curved polished corners on top and bottom.

All of the 12 seasoned and smooth staves pivot from the bottom so that you can fold your fan closed. The pivot is a pin with a loop and ring on one side for attaching the fan or for carrying.

The fan frame is designed for a 6-inch wide fabric, lace or paper (rice paper is especially nice and usually arrives on a roll - you might even choose to use wallpaper! The actual sticks measure approximately 10-1/2 inches long; the widest part (top) of the outer sticks are not quite 3/4 inch wide.

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