Believe in Yourself Pendant <br><b><font color=blueviolet>MATURE</font></b>
Believe in Yourself - Fairy Pendant (MATURE)

Believe in Yourself Pendant

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* Made in USA

A California artist makes these delightful pendants for SilverCrow! This one features a lovely nude fairy on the front and the word,


On the back is a collage of flowers, music and lace and it reads,


Although every piece is different because the pendants are handmade, each will look similar to the ones shown. The pendant is also striking with an added ribbon, draped over the corner of a mirror or a framed picture, when you might just need a reminder to believe in yourself!

Two pendants are shown to illustrate the front and back. The pendant measures about 1-1/2 inch by 1 inch and the bail is large enough for just about any chain, ribbon or cord.

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