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Betty's Boyfriend - Vintage Hand Tinted Photo

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My Aunt Betty was a Marine sergeant during World War II. She was stationed at San Diego Naval Base.

This pretty young woman defended her country and, of course, met many other military personnel - both women and men. This unnamed fellow was one of her boyfriends during that time. We have no idea of his name as she left us in her 91st year a few years ago without telling us. Alas, she was happily married for 63 years to Uncle Harold, who was much better looking. Imagine.

Such hand-tinted photos were typical of that time. You'll find some discoloration, but not much. They are overall in nice condition.

Maybe you know him, maybe you want him as an imaginary relative, or maybe you just like the photos. In any case, these mementos of earlier times are quite unique.

The photo measures 7-1/6 by 5-1/16.

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