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Black Emotion Transforming Faces Stamp

Black Emotion Transforming Faces Stamp

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Made in Japan

OK, so it's not polite to make faces - at least not with your own! But, with this handy dandy little soft stamper, you can make just about any face you want to make at any time - just by squeezing the carved out portion! You'll get your message across for sure.

This rubber rubber pillar starts out as a smiley face But you can change its emotion depending on the way you squeeze the stamp. Create a perplexing, surprised, angry or scary face to bring a smile to those you send your notes to.

Each stamp arrives in a reusable plastic storage tube. Instructions are in Japanese only, but we think you'll figure out what to do quite easily - just squeeze the stamp into the correct emotion for your message and tap it on an inked stamp pad - and stamp out your message on paper.

Our illustration only shows a few of the faces you can make -  just imagine the others!

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