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Black Pullet Egg Soap (Huevo de Gallina Negra) - 3 oz bar

Black Pullet Egg Soap (Huevo de Gallina Negra) - 3 oz bar

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Made in Mexico

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There are many soaps that accept and transfer the spiritual significance of the herbs and flowers with which they are scented. After cleansing the spirit and body with a traditional mineral bath, these special soaps are used for washing the hands and perhaps the body.

 We, of course, cannot guarantee that this will work, but the JABON de Huevo de Gallina Negra is created in Mexico for removing evil during spiritual cleansings (para limpias). It replaces the traditional black chicken rituals of African and Latin rituals - either to use between rituals or in lieu of them.

The ingredients are: base soap, glycerin, fragrance, bioxido of titanio, bhtedta, fd&c, Yellow No. 5.

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