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Book: Aunt Sally's Policy Players Dream Book (Reprint)

Book: Aunt Sally's Policy Players Dream Book (Reprint)

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This great little reprint is a curiosity for believers an naught alike. Created initially as a system to understand your dreams and apply the meanings to your gambling for luck, Aunt Aunt Sally's Policy Players Dream Book holds nine alphabetical lists of objects, people and situations that might comprise, or indeed, invade, your dreams. These are accompanied by interpretations and associated lucky numbers for playing policy.

Policy was an illegal (and now obsolete) lottery once popular in the African American community, although certainly many others played as well! The reference was also used for playing the numbers as well, a similar illegal betting game. The cover of the book features a certainly politically incorrect illustration, but it is true to the original.

Also included is a reprint of a 19th century French divination system called the Oraculum (or Napoleon's) Book of Fate, based on an old Arabic system of sand-divination commonly called geomancy. You'll also be able to find your own personal lucky (and unlucky) numbers.

This very useful little reference was first published in the 1890s. Ours is a facsimile reprint of a 1920s edition. The 122 pages are both informative and fun.

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