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Box of Cleansing Smoke Incense Cones

Box of Cleansing Smoke Incense Cones

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Made in USA
From Plume Botanicals, we bring you this wonderful package of Eastern Spirit Incense - Cleansing Smoke cones. Only premium quality essential oils were blended to create the wonderfully fragrant aromas that will arise when these cones are afire.

Native American smoke (also referred to as smudge) ceremonies are a method in which the person(s) attempt to use the fragrant smoke as a cleanser for their body, mind and aura. To do this, they try to bathe themselves in the smoke to help release energies. Similar practices are performed around the globe, with essentially the same intent.

You will receive 40 easy-to-light cones per box.

Not for use by children. Never leave burning incense unattended.

Not for use by children.

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