Brass or Patina Cicada Motif
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Brass or Patina Cicada Motif

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The most common North American variety of cicada is the Magicicada (Does that mean they are magical?). This variety is best known for only emerging every 13 or 17 years. The rest of their lives they spend buried in the ground as a nymph. Then, as if by magic, they emerge in vast numbers to live out the remaining few weeks of their lives. During this time, the males group together in choruses, to sing and attract a mate. How romantic!

This exquisitely detailed brass motif of a cicada will be adored by you, and you do not have to wait 13 years (or 17 years) to enjoy it again.

The motif is available in a hand patinaed, beautiful greenish hue or in a lovely bright golden raw brass.

It measures about 2 inches from front to back and 1-1/4 from left to right (about 51 mm by 32 mm).

If you are interested in purchasing a patinaed cicada, and they are out of stock (or if our current stock is less than you wish to purchase), please Contact Us. These are hand-patinaed by us here in the SilverCrow atelier, so we can create them anytime for you, our dear friends.

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