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CHAIN MAIL JEWELRY: Contemporary Designs from Classic Techniques

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Thanks to its exquisite, easily mastered techniques and elegant lines, chain mail - the classic art of linking metal rings - is enjoying a creative resurgence among jewelry makers.

Once used to create protective garments, chain mail techniques and patterns have now been adapted for contemporary jewelry making. With just a few tools and simple components, you'll be able to create stunning necklaces, bracelets and more!

This attractive resource is the first full-color book on the market to help beginners and intermediates get in on the craze. With computer-generated illustrations that show every step, it thoroughly introduces all the key construction procedures, including the proper methods of winding, opening, and closing the metal rings.

The 30 projects include a simple pendant encasing a large semiprecious stone and a flat chain-mail neckpiece that colorfully combines copper and blue titanium rings. Plus, there’s advice on polishing the pieces, tips on adding pearls or beads, and a gallery of works by professional jewelers.

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