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Calame Reed Pen - Double Pointed

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The first fiber tip pens were made in Egypt as far b…
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* Made in France

The first fiber tip pens were made in Egypt as far back as 500 BC! Made from various reeds (these are bamboo), calames find their roots in reed brushes that were pounded or chewed into shape.

As writing developed, the reeds were split and made into pens. Writing fluid is held in the hollowed out shaft of the reed and flows down through the chiseled or pointed tip, or nib. Our calame features two sharpened ends.

Because of the natural bamboo, calames can only be made by hand.

Now you can create your own old-world documents with a bamboo reed calame or pen and SilverCrow's papyrus! You may even want to buy one as a model to carve your own calame from our bamboo stalks.

One nib is 1/16 and the other is 3/32. So, this pen can accomplish a variety of writing techniques.

And, just imagine what a great show and tell this would be for grade school, art school or with friends of all ages!

We're showing two calames for variation. These are made of natural bamboo by hand, so there will be some variation.

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