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Canadian Sweetgrass, Sage & Cedar Soap Infused with Dillweed

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* Made in USA
Plume Botanicals Soaps are handmade by a Massachusetts soap maker by hand. Made from all natural ingredients and essential oils, this premium soap bar makes it a delight to use.

The incredible woodsy scent is a combination of sweetgrass, sage and cedar with a slight infusion of dillweed. We do think you'll be enchanted by the aroma.

Although the package indicates that the soap bar weighs 4-1/2 ounces, we've found the bars to vary from a touch lighter to a touch heavier. This is due to the handmade nature of the soap bar.

The maker is proud of the fact that this skin loving soap bar has evolved out of a passion for what is earthy and good. The secret to their success is the carefully handmade batches, using only the finest ingredients. Only quality plant oils are chosen to make this superior soap that encompasses bot a concern and respect for ourselves and the environment. Animal tallow or artificial dyes are never used in their products.

Ingredients used are any or all of the following oils: olive, coconut, soy/vegetable, sunflower, castor and palm/kernal saponified by sodium hydroxide. May also contain any combination of the finest essential and fragrance oils, herbs, flowers and minerals.

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