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Carved Chop Set - TRUTH (Includes Tael Ink) in Lovely Brocade Case

Carved Chop Set - TRUTH (Includes Tael Ink) in Lovely Brocade Case

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Made in China

Oh, how priceless and rare - Truth! SilverCrow's hand-carved Chinese chop set arrives in a beautiful green brocade case with your soapstone Chinese seal carved with the characters meaning Truth.

Especially appropriate as a gift for someone entering a profession as an attorney, judge or any other part of the Law (including the government?)

Accompanying each set is a traditional porcelain covered dish of red tael ink. We have found that some of the ink in the packages has dried. It should regenerate if you add a touch of castor oil and stir it around. However, you might decid to use a red stamp pad (as you would purchase for use with rubber stamps).

Of course, each seal is a bit different as the artisan carved each by hand. We are certain that you'll be as charmed by your seal as we are.

The image is about 7/8 inch square with a hand-carved square as its perimeter.

You'll find this wonderful one as a gift for yourself or someone who is quite dear to you

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