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Cat Prayer

Cat Prayer

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Made in USA

This small parchment poster (8-1/2 inches by 11 inches) offers a prayer to the spirit of the cat, celebrating the noble spirit of the creature and all that it has to teach us:

Agile ancient spirit,
I give thanks for
your comforting presence.
Lend me your vision,
which penetrates
the darkest night.
Beloved of Bast, Diana,
Freyja & Shasthi,
help me see the hidden
and delight in simplicity.
Infuse me with your
intuition and intelligence,
old familiar, as we stalk
the mysteries together.
Silent, adaptable hunter,
warrior and friend,
I follow your lead in this
dance with the invisible,
peering through illusion,
searching for truth

- Travis Bowman -

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